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According to the latest studies on Swiss real estate market, vacancy rates of condominiums and rented to a lesser extent, increased sharply after years of shortages and sharp price increases. The market has shown that only solved the shortage problem. On commercial surfaces, investments in logistics continue to grow.

On June 1st, 5200 condominiums and 4,700 single-family houses were empty. The increase in apartment vacancy rate, with 25% year on year, very high. For family homes, the increase was 12%. Current vacancy rates are 0.91% for apartments in the property and 0.34% for family houses.

The very low mortgage interest continues to encourage the purchase of a property, but this effect is currently hampered by other factors. The high prices in most of the country and the regulatory measures for granting mortgages have limited access to a number of households to property.

“Interest rates are indeed very low but banks lend very difficult …”

As the demand for apartments for rent, it remains strong, according to economists at Credit Suisse. The owners, however, suffer from a drop in yields since the 3rd quarter of the current year. The transaction price of buildings increased by 6%, while at the same time, rents have increased only 1.8%.

“In the last two years we see that it is increasingly difficult to find buildings with good profitability for our customers. ”

In the commercial space sector, major investments are made in the logistics space. They are mounted to 772 million CHF, or up 2.4% year on year. Logistics providers, industry and commerce equip themselves for the future. Economists believe that this is due to the solid economic situation, an increasing division of labor at the global level and the structural change in the retail trade.

For offices, economists increasingly frequently find relocation far from the centers. office space construction projects stagnated or declined in major centers, while they increased slightly out of these centers.

“In Geneva it’s a bit the opposite, many people are looking for offices ‘prime location’ and offer significant surface has a slight price adjustment downward.

There are also a lot of vacant offices outside the centers.

The new laws allow use change should reduce the vacancy rate. ”

The situation for retail space is difficult. The retail sector is facing challenges such as price erosion, shopping tourism or online commerce, according to Credit Suisse. This development not only reduces the demand for new sales areas, but also threatens existing businesses.

“Ultimately, the Swiss real estate market currently experiencing a readjustment (rather quiet) prices in all areas. The only property that is an exception – for now – are the investment properties for which investors (institutional and private) continue to fight. ”

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