A cutting-edge real estate group

Our company was founded on a shared passion for that solid, sustainable and tangible element: stone.

Born of a determined will to rethink many of the achievements of the world of construction and real estate, Swissroc Group is a 360° real estate services group. Our activities are organized around three divisions: Construction, Building Intelligence and Real Estate Service.

With over a hundred employees, we are active in French-speaking Switzerland, as well as in Poland, via our branch dedicated to innovation. Thinking outside the box is at the very core of Swissroc’s DNA.

We offer an exclusive, integrated and comprehensive support service, which draws on the most effective solutions in order to make each project a reality from start to finish.

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The history of Swissroc

Founded in 2013 and headed today by four partners, Swissroc Group conceives and conducts real estate transactions of all kinds, by proposing 360° real estate services and first-class investments to its institutional and private clients. Since its inception, Swissroc Group has experienced rapid and organic growth along the entire real estate value chain.

With over 200 projects under its belt and 30 developments to its name, Swissroc Group generated over CHF 180 million in turnover in 2020.

Today, the company is owned equally by its four shareholders and employs over 120 people working on real estate projects, mainly in Geneva and in the rest of French-speaking Switzerland.

A dynamic investment strategy to rethink real estate

In a competitive environment, Swissroc selected startups that are looking to reivent the real estate industry.

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