Wage dumping : A danger for us but also for you

A new case of wage dumping was denounced by the union UNIA, early this year, on the site of the University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG). After the scandal of the railway station in Zurich, other workers and building owners are victims of the subcontracting chain, which is truly shameful. For more information about the items, click on the links below:

Four Polish workers are demanding 60,000 francs wage claims Unia denounce wage dumping SBB

Today, according to Article 5 of the Swiss Federal Act if the work is carried out in the sectors of construction, civil engineering and finishing work by subcontractors, the contractor entrepreneur (total contractor, general or main) civilly liable for failure by subcontractors of net minimum wages and working conditions mentioned in art. 2 al. 1 of this Act. The contractor entrepreneur severally liable for all subcontractors successor in the contractual chain.

To avoid such problems, SwissRoc consistently fulfills its duty of care with regard to the conditions of work and wages in each subcontract work. Each SwissRoc subcontractors credibly established on the basis of documents and evidence, although they meet the conditions of pay and working. No subcontracting chain is tolerated within the group.

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