Investment – Swissroc


Bringing you sound opportunities

To succeed in this line of work, you can’t wait for the right deals to appear. It takes drive and a fair dose of boldness to go out and find the best investment opportunities.

Cyril de Bavier, Investment and Property Director


The best opportunities don’t just present themselves – you have to go looking for them. That requires focus, ongoing presence and excellent connections.
Our broad range of activities and our unique network of partners put us in an ideal position to catch the best deals.
We’re determined to bring unique opportunities to the table, with excellent potential for development and high return on investment.
Our skills and knowledge of the market enable us to analyze each opportunity with accuracy and speed.
We’re well-connected. That means we have the ability to open doors.


Each property investment is unique. It’s a personal adventure. We will do everything in our power to make yours a success.
We take the time to fully understand your needs and expectations.
We select opportunities that are right for you personally. We pick them apart and explain them to you in detail.
We work on the basis of full transparency. We pride ourselves on clear communication in every form.
We are well placed to advise you on every aspect of the investment process and to manage it for you from beginning to end: legal, financial, negotiation, building improvements, tracking.

We’ll present you with unique property investment opportunities, both commercial and residential, spanning the whole Swiss Romandy region. We sift through the projects. For every potential deal, we carry out an in-depth technical and financial analysis and work out the expected return on investment. We’ll make sure the ones we bring to you meet your requirements and fit in with your objectives. From that point on, everything is possible.