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General Contracting

Controlling site progress, from A to Z

Rigor and transparency are our two key priorities in the general contracting department. Everyone knows we can be relied on for these qualities.

Xavier Canonica, Director General Contracting


To see a building rise from the ground up, robust and efficient: more than a job, it’s a formidable challenge that motivates us on a daily basis. We dedicate all our energy to the success of your project, from design through to delivery, whether you’re building from scratch, renovating or transforming a property. Our budgets are precise down to the penny, our site management process is rigorous. Above all, we have the energy and the will to always find the solutions that ensure your project comes in on time and on budget.


A building site demands excellent teamwork. We take on the role of team leader, and bring vigor and efficiency to the project. We select the best partners and ensure you get the best deal. We are your sole point of contact and we advise you on all strategic decisions throughout the process. From the finalization of the architect’s plans all the way through to site delivery and sign-off, we handle all the planning, third party coordination, site visits, financial control and guarantees. You can reach us any time, we’re with you every step of the way.


We are among the first in Switzerland to use the BIM (Building Information Modeling). This working method allows us to manage your project from ultra efficient, thanks to a 3D digital model associated with integrated use and constantly updated all data. The slightest modification is easy for any stakeholder, the data line, the model fits in its entirety without error or delay. Building together with efficiency and vision.

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With our knowledge of the market and our experience as general contractors, we are well placed to provide you with an in-depth technical assessment of your project and an accurate estimate of the final value of your property. Clear information is the perfect foundation for a successful project.

This is a key part of your project. We guarantee a precise figure, broken down to the last detail. Our experience enables us to anticipate every scenario, to suggest areas for potential savings, to offer alternatives and to come up with improvements. You’ll reap the benefits.

The quality of our work is visible across a broad range of finished projects – construction, transformation and renovation – on villas, industrial buildings and apartment blocks. We believe dedication shows in the results.

We have established a solid network of partners. We make no compromise in our selection process. We’re determined to work with people we trust and who share our high standards. Our reputation depends on it.

Tools are constantly evolving – we make sure we remain on the cutting-edge of our field. Our investment in the BIM methodology is proof of our commitment to constant innovation. BIM ensures we are ahead of the game in terms of efficiency, flexibility and transparency.

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