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Managing property development projects

Property development is such a diverse field. There are many specialist domains, it’s important to see and to exploit the synergies. There’s always room for innovation. That’s what makes this job so exciting.

Thang Nguyen, Director Finance and Development


Any property development project kicks off with an idea that combines vision and ambition. We’re committed to making that idea happen.
We carry out a preliminary assessment of the project and its potential, based on our in-depth knowledge of the local market.
We put together clear and detailed budgets that will enable you to correctly gauge the risks and the potential return on investment.
We pride ourselves on coming up with innovative solutions to optimize the potential of your project. That’s the advantage of coming in with a fresh, ingenious outlook.


A property development project requires precise knowledge in a number of fields: legal, fiscal, financial, technical and commercial.
We bring you the technical skillset, the knowledge of the market and a solid network of experts to ensure that your project runs smoothly with sharp strategic guidance.
We are present and fully involved in the management of your project. We handle the structuring and the coordination of all parties, through to final delivery.
We are your partner throughout, determined and dedicated.

Have you identified a great property development opportunity in the Swiss Romandy region? We’re here to advise you and to assist you in managing the entire project, with a focus on identifying optimal solutions. We work on the basis of a solid partnership tailored to your needs, which can go as far as co-investing in the project. With Swissroc, you get 100% commitment.

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