An exclusive, tailor-made service

The property brokerage service we offer is unique in the region, and is based on the anglo-saxon approach. It’s an exclusive, tailor-made service. We make it a point of honor to have no vested interest in the deal. Our role is purely to serve your interests.

Cyril de Bavier, Director Investment and Property


Our strong presence in the region and our broad network enable us to show you an exclusive and unique list of properties.
You’ll be impressed and charmed by the exclusive character of the properties we present for sale.
You can rest assured that we work with a rule of utmost discretion.
The majority of properties we show are not listed on the market – you won’t find them with estate agents on or off-line.
Our precise knowledge of the market enables us to provide you with astute advice as to the current and future value of the properties you are interested in.


We pride ourselves on forging close relationships based on trust, acumen and the will to serve.
Whether you are buying or selling a property, we’ll assist you with the entire process from negotiation through to signing.
If you’re buying, we’ll ensure you save precious time, by filtering the search for you according to your expectations and preferences.
In order to carry the deal through to signing, we introduce you to the relevant third party experts, selected with strict diligence. We remain dedicated and involved throughout.
We’re here to defend your interests.


At Swissroc, you will find a tailored property brokerage service that is unique in the Swiss Romandy region. If you’re looking to buy: you won’t be sifting through pages and pages of property descriptions. It’s our job to take you to the unique property that’s perfect for you. If you’re looking to sell: we handle the entire process with your sole interests at heart.


With our knowledge of the market and our experience as general contractors, we are well placed to provide you with an in-depth technical assessment of your project and an accurate estimate of the final value of your property. Clear information is the perfect foundation for a successful project.

If any building work is required, we guarantee a precise budgeting process, with the overall figure broken down to the last detail. Our experience enables us to anticipate every scenario, to suggest areas for potential savings, to offer alternatives and to come up with improvements. You’ll reap the benefits.

We have established a solid network of partners. We make no compromise in our selection process. We’re determined to work with people we trust and who share our high standards. Our reputation depends on it.

We have a team of specialists with a diverse skillset. Such a pool of resources ensures we can handle every stage of your project – initial negotiation, structuring the financing, legal and insurance aspects, managing any building work, through to handing over the keys. From beginning to end, we’ve got it all covered.